Even though the breeding season is over, we are hoping to have more Citizen Scientists help with locating and counting maternity roost sites in the future. Maternity Monitoring Surveys should be done between the last week in May to the end of July of each year. If you did not have an opportunity to participate in this year's survey, please look over the protocols and be prepared for our upcoming season.  Every survey provides us with valuable information regarding species that are in dramatic decline, so your survey DOES make a difference. If you have other bat sightings or questions beyond the survey period, please feel free to contact me. 

      The minimum survey that we would like to receive is one time, however, the more counts we get for your site, the better we will see how successfully your bats are breeding. The "protocol" will explain everything you need to know about conducting surveys. The "datasheets" will be where you record your findings. The "volunteer time sheet" is very, very important, since every signed sheet that is returned to DEEP will receive matching funds from US Fish & Wildlife to study bats right here in CT, so get going and let's see those surveys! Even if you only have one bat, we want to know. Next year, you might have two! If you had many bats at one time and now have none, we want to know that too. All of this is critical information that is needed for us to study the effect that White Nose Syndrome is having on our remaining breeding populations. Do the best you can in filling out the forms and if you have any questions, please contact me.

Send an email to linda@cmsincorporated.net to request a form to learn how you can help our CT bats by monitoring a bat colony from the comfort of your own backyard!

NOTE: These forms may be submitted via hard copy or electronically. REMEMBER to sign your form prior to submitting. These signed forms will allow DEEP to receive matching funds from US Fish and Wildlife, so they are REALLY IMPORTANT! You can perform counts and submit as many surveys as you like...let's get counting!

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